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Read This.Get Autism.

September 28, 2007

DowntownOpinions equate assholes, and smell equally odious. In this new era of seen and be seen sensibilities, Every Fucking Moron is now Famous. I made a big boom-boom Mommy, lookie me!!! Being our own editor, we write poorly and proud, spouting conjecture like factoids. Knowing that our hubris will keep us warm in the coldest moments of stupidity, and if that fails, yell louder ( Not only does yelling make you funnier, it makes Mommy come running with an ample supply of attention). Off-putting enough yet? Well this is the diving board into the a big wet pool of cliches, critique, crappy alliterations, non sequitur seqways, flocks of seagulling, pun-punishment, and all the pussy you can fit on a plateau. And don’t forget planned surprises! Hang on to dem hats and glasses cuz this is the wildest Blog on the Internet!