Wait til Your Father Gets Home

Daddy DearestJam.Teddy’s Jam for me.Now that that’s that we shall trudge on, skull drudgery style(Thick enough to stand up a spoon).Let’s now go under the knife and build a better self,taut plastic grin, spurious laughter, Feng Shui.OK.Seriously now let’s spin that propeller again, get that engine a-hum,steady that rudder fly-boy.We are in full motion now and with that includes all the lovely treats my title eluded to;Dads.They are great aren’t they?I mean all of those serial killers,yeah you Chuckie Manson, who were belittled as wee tots and then were subsequently inspired to one-up Diddy with tomes of murder-wurders they have committed in the cold onyx night to be a more manlier man than good ol’ Dad.Also(personal fave) behind every great Father is an even greater slut-daughter.Daddy issues=Beef Curtains,time to draw some shade.Fart Brut.Or,Pit-a-Pat,indeed.


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